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Mini Review: Gambler Jake Green is out of jail. Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment David Hoffmeister: I was raised in Christianity which has an association with wrong-doing with some sense of wrongness But I’ve found that when we open up and start to come into an experience of deep peace and innocence—even when it’s just a glimpse—we get a strong awareness of never having done anything wrong Our perception shifts in a way that allows us. The movie What the bleep do we know? shows with quantum physics that everything is connected everything you perceive is a result of your thoughts and everything is a thought The movie leads its main character Amanda from frustration to a realization that it is her thoughts that produce the entire world she perceives It’s all an illusion David Hoffmeister: There is really just one ego. Brief synopsis of the movie: Captain Colter Stevens has been plugged into Source Code a time-loop program that allows him to take over someone’s body in a re-enactment of their last eight minutes of life Top spiritual movies explained by David Hoffmeister: We may think we know who we are where we live and what our history is But we don’t We are asleep and dreaming We think. David Hoffmeister – Movies are modern day parables that can be used for awakening in extremely helpful and direct ways Deep in our heart we all want a direct spiritual awakening experience of Oneness of being connected “in the field,” rather than being separate from it Watching a movie is not about trying to follow a plot; it's about seeing where you are identified with the characters and watching your "it is almost Easter the time of resurrection Let us give redemption to each other and share in it that we may rise as one in resurrection not separate in death Behold the gift of freedom that I gave the Holy Spirit for you And be you and your brother free together". A Course in Miracles T- . Easter Spiritual MovieThe Greatest Story. Mini Review: Nothing in this world will satisfy you When we forget this and pursue things in the world the result is always the same There can seem to be temporary satisfaction. Certainty is absolute and unchanging "Relative experience" is therefore a contradiction in terms or in other words impossible The question of identity seemed to be the ego The experience. Best Spiritual Movies David Hoffmeister: The movie Serendipity is a classic movie for watching the signs keeping your heart open and following guidance You can’t mess it up! Don’t settle and don’t compromise Jonathan and Sara meet in their 20’s for one perfect night He believes in love at first sight she believes in destiny He writes his name and number on a five-dollar bill and she writes hers inside Best Spiritual Movies David Hoffmeister: The movie No Reservations shows beautifully how trust is the answer for the main character Kate Even at the end of the movie it almost broke down for her but trust was the component through which she could open her heart completely You just have to keep trusting The more you develop trust the more the ego can get very threatened at the feeling Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment – Virtual reality like the holodeck of the Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation is an artificial environment that seems completely real One can "program" the scene as one wishes it to be Such is the world Based on the belief that you can author your self and the world to a particular preference or liking the wish seems to manifest     Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment: The movie The Giver plays out themes of repression secrets forgiveness discovery of true identity and the realization that a world without love cannot be the real world Awareness of truth is the end of illusions Emotion/Themes: Fear Repression Secrets Separation Community Discover True Identity Forgiveness Mini Review: In a seemingly perfect community without war pain suffering differences or choice Jonas is. Best Spiritual Movies with Children ~ Mini Review Emotion/Theme: Loneliness Separation Inspiration Power of Thought Isolation Clinging to One Step Teacher of God Letting go of Specialness Discover True Identity Genre: Adventure Animation Mini Review: When we see that we can manifest what we want in the world we feel a glimmering of the freedom that our power of mind offers But we also fear that power because.

Best Spiritual Movies on MWGE – An overcrowded maximum-security prison the end of the line in Alabama's correctional system is dramatically changed by the influence of an ancient meditation program Behind high security towers and a double row of barbed wire dwells a host of convicts who will never see the light of day But for some of these men a spark is ignited when it becomes the first maximum-security How is this possible? What does it look like? What does it mean in terms of awakening?  A Course in Miracles gives us quite a clue with the line “History would not exist if you did not keep making the same mistake in the present.” (T- -1.3) What a statement! It’s Top Spiritual Movies – David Hoffmeister: “The main character Lucy is going to have a flash of awakening and time is very limited after this flash It’s coming to a close in a matter of hours It’s a powerful profound flash into the inevitability of awakening A Course in Miracles talks about the borderland as if all the decisions have already been made which points to the script is written Time for lightness comedy and inspiration! Enjoy this online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment mini review of the movie Along Came Polly: Emotion/Theme: Forgiveness No Private Thoughts Self Concept Healing Fear of love Opening up to love Assignment Mini Review: No amount of planning can guarantee safety or a happy outcome in form True happiness comes from forgiveness and opening to a present moment of love This. Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment – David Hoffmeister: “The world and the ego teach that there is always something on the screen that is the cause of your upset and not only that there is always something on the screen that is the cause of your happiness like that giant hot fudge sundae; I am happy tonight because I get to eat my hot fudge sundae Or I. Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment: “You are not a body and you are not in a body You are a mind Initially that is an alien way of thinking but gradually you will start to think of yourself as mind because that is what you are This goes beyond the idea of reincarnation of coming in and out of bodies Again you are not a body and. “the course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love for that is beyond what can be taught It does aim however at removing the blocks to the awareness of love's presence which is your natural inheritance The opposite of love is fear but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite.” A Course in Miracles Introduction. Emotion/theme: Self Concept Attack Forgiveness Metaphysical Secrets Signs and Symbols Genre: Metaphysical Science Fiction Remember Who You Are MWGE: In a world of darkness controlled by time images and roles shift and change in an ongoing nightmare as if part of a mad experiment Everyone seems under the spell of sleep and forgetfulness just vaguely remembering a distant memory of light and home but unable to remember how. The Movie Solaris is a beautiful illustration of True Forgiveness; it is literally a life raft out of this world Several lines of the Dylan Thomas poem “Death Shall Have No Dominion” are heard in the movie and capsulize it beautifully: Though they go mad they shall be sane Though they sink through the sea they shall rise again; Though lovers be lost love shall not; And death. For more information about MWGE email us at contact@ technical support email webmaster@ Privacy Policy Back to Top © 2018 Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment "all upsetting thoughts and feelings are based on interpretations of what seems to be happening on the screen whether it is the screen of life or the silver screen The miracle of movies is that they can be used to heal upsets in the mind without having to play out dramas on the screen of life." David Hoffmeister Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment Today we look at relationship issues The online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment offers you mini reviews of David Hoffmeister’s Top 10 best spiritual movies Each movie review has key mind-watching themes for supporting your spiritual Awakening experience Read these mini reviews and open your mind to experiencing the best spiritual movies in a whole new way! Top 10 Best Spiritual Movies #8: Lucy (mini review) Who you are is from before time was. Question: The world seems to be a pointless simulation The movie The Matrix has portrayed this idea somewhat yet we watch it and go back to our daily lives I feel as if nothing in the world will ever have a point I’ve heard that these feelings can be spiritual awakening signs What can I do about this? David Hoffmeister: The world and the people that seem to inhabit it Key Themes: Miracle Working The Script is Written Opening to Real Communication David Hoffmeister: Only Love is real! A Miracle occurs when John Sullivan is united with his deceased father Frank through the medium of the father’s old ham radio! It becomes clear they are receiving a rare gift of connection and as the two continue to join over the radio events on the seeming timeline begin to change rapidly. Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment – David Hoffmeister: If one can work a perceived upset down to the core decision the belief in separation from God and clearly discern the ego’s purpose unconcealed one can laugh at the idea of ego That is how peace of mind is reached One sees what one is not and what one is gently returns to awareness There is a scene that. ~ Christian Movies Online Mini Review by David Hoffmeister ~   Emotion/Theme: The Script is Written Workaholism Unhealed Healer Magic Guidance Opening up to love Special Relationship Psychic Abilities   Genre: Drama Romance   A spiritual awakening experience ~ David Hoffmeister shares: Greetings Beloved The question was asked: "Who experiences the experience?" Experience and experiencer are One There is no "personal" experience in Truth The question was asked: "Is the experience not relative?" Emotion/theme: Addiction Special Relationship Pain and Pleasure Self Concept Sex Opening up to Love Mighty Companions Deception Genre: Comedy Drama David Hoffmeister: Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment Addiction seems to bring temporary pleasure but as it is a denial of Self then it is a cover over of guilt/pain Seeking pleasure as a way to ease the belief in lack is a distraction from remembering the Truth; the reality Follow God’s Plan ~ Stop listening to Ego!   The plan of God's salvation is pure Love We have to follow the inspiration and keep going in the face of doubt The movie The Adjustment Bureau is a demonstration of going all the way with the call for Love   Best Spiritual Movies David Hoffmeister: The movie No Reservations is designed to give us more insight into happiness We actually have only one purpose on earth and that is to be happy Jesus says in A Course in Miracles "God's Will for you is perfect happiness." So anything that is experienced that is not perfect lasting happiness is not God's Will When you hear people ask “Have you David Hoffmeister on Valentine’s Day Spiritual Movies: Romantic relationships are. Question:  I know the Course says the script is already written Does that mean that all my thoughts are scripted as well? Like when I choose forgiveness as opposed to listening to my ego is that something that is outside of my control as well? If I got distracted again and I get angry and I forgive and release it was that going to happen anyway? David Hoffmeister:. Top spiritual movies on the online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment blog! Scene: With precision Cris uses his psychic ability to guide the FBI forces against the terrorists In his mind he splits himself off in all directions searching for Liz in the abandoned warehouse David Hoffmeister: Cris says “You search this floor I’ll do the rest,” because he’s going to search the rest with his mind He’s. Top Spiritual Movies: Mr Nobody Scene: Nemo is shown as a dead body then as drowning in his car then as being shot David Hoffmeister: The first scene of the movie Mr Nobody shows the main character Nemo as a dead body in a morgue Immediately after that he is seen underwater in a car and then being shot in a bathtub Nemo in a voice-over asks “What. Spiritual movies and awakening! A review of the movie Whiplash by David Hoffmeister on The Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment Emotion/Theme: Victimization Worthiness Injustice Teacher/Student Letting go of specialness Roles Doubt Attack Authority Problem Genre: Drama Mind-Watcher Summary: This movie is a mind watcher for healing the belief in victims and victimizers In truth they are the same Both are illusions neither right nor wrong good or bad Andrew is Mini Review: Caleb believes he is a “hero” everywhere in his life except in his where he feels distant unloved and unloving Whatever you feel is lacking in a situation is what you need to bring to it Simple As a last resort to “save” his Caleb accepts the invitation to Question: Dear David I have been searching for a spiritual awakening experience If what you’re saying is the way home I virtually have to let go of every belief I’ve been taught and do a complete turnaround I must say this is just like the film The Matrix— awesome Could you tell me how do I get out of here? David Hoffmeister: Beloved One, Best Spiritual Movies David Hoffmeister: When you get into the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles they give you good support But to really start feeling it you have to get into the groove of the whole thing That’s what is so great on this journey—you come back to cartoons dance music inspiration and singing your heart song! It all gets retranslated and used by the Holy Spirit The The online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment offers you a mini review of non dual best spiritual movies: Ramana Maharshi: The Sage of Arunachala Mini review: This is the true story of Ramana Maharshi—a mystic and sage who at the age of 16 experienced an intense visionary experience in which he faced and released the belief in death He clearly saw the "i" the self that believed it. Christian Movies Online: God’s Not Dead Themes: No Compromise Trust Teacher of God Intellectualization Superiority Spiritual pride Faith Mini review: This movie is a powerful demonstration of overcoming fear and doubt to find true spiritual meaning and happiness in life An atheist professor challenges a student to defend “God is not dead” before his philosophy class Josh reinterprets this challenge as an invitation from Spirit to extend the. Henry is an involuntary time traveler who cannot seem to control when he leaves He is here one moment. We continue our mini reviews of the movie stars who show up again and again in our favourite spiritual week we take a look at Nicholas Cage who got his start in teenage comedies and went on to play a wide variety of roles in such films as Raising Arizona Moonstruck and Con Air Nicholas has gone on to star in some of our favourite metaphysical greats! Born "use movies to pay attention to your mind to pay attention to your thoughts Mind training with movies is a way to heal the mind; to be free of all distortions and judgment It can be intense at first but it gives way to joy and you open up more to lasting peace happiness and contentment Classics like 'Revolver' and 'The Truman Show' are masterful ~ Christian Movies Online Mini Review ~ Emotion/Theme: Anger Addiction Temptation Devotion Mind Training Prayer Vigilance David Hoffmeister: “This movie is profound because it shows that the deeper your spiritual awakening experience goes the less specifics there are to hang onto It gets more and more abstract and it is taking you into the funnel of Trust would settle every problem now That trust is total trust in Spirit and zero trust in the world and the ego This movie uses the metaphor of magicians. This is a non-commercial site with the sole purpose of movie-review and education All proceeds received are used for the maintenance of the website and the production of the content. Enjoy these new mini reviews of David Hoffmeister’s Top 10 best spiritual movies on the online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment MWGE! This week: the movies Peaceful Warrior at number 4 and The Island at number 3 Use the key mind-watching themes to support your spiritual Awakening experience while watching these great movies Subscribers to the online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment have access to additional content on the movies, When deciding what movie to watch feel into what emotion fear or issue is in the mind right now Picking the right movie at the right time will bring you a deeper spiritual awakening experience which means a speed-up in your awakening So get really present with what you are experiencing in this moment and open your mind to be shown the shift in perception that is helpful. David Hoffmeister: The same movie stars show up again and again in our favourite top spiritual movies!  This week we take a look at Scarlett Johansson who first came to our screens as a young girl in The Horse Whisperer and progressed through a transcendence of time and space in the Quantum Movie Lucy Born in New York City in 1984 Scarlett’s full bio can be read here.

Top spiritual movies with David Hoffmeister: “The ego always has taught us that there is a difference between attacking and being attacked It has come up with the concepts of victim and victimizer The movie Les Miserables takes a close look at the belief in these concepts The movie shows the trick of thinking that there are actually victims and victimizers when underneath those artificial projected constructs is an attack Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment – The ego always pays extreme attention to the screen refusing to go within and look at your mind Or if we use the analogy of The Wizard of Oz when they finally get to Oz to the room where they see this giant thing on the screen—a huge face with a loud voice—Toto pulls the curtain in the projection room and the wizard Top Spiritual Movies David Hoffmeister: The movie The Ultimate Gift is a very deep movie It gives you a glimpse of all the steps and stages that you go through with this world In A Course in Miracles Jesus describes the six stages of the development of trust He basically gives us a snapshot of the spiritual journey Four out of the six stages are difficult or challenging and Top spiritual movies explained by David Hoffmeister: “All things work together for good But the ego doesn’t think so which is why we have movies like Family Man and Mr Destiny so we can get a glimpse of what is beyond everyday linear existence The main character in Family Man Jack is on top of the world and he thinks he has it all: the ultimate. David Hoffmeister : This is a classic movie for showing how the ego's strategy is to simply. Genre: Adventure Biography The. Thanks for writing What you are speaking about is very common for sincere A Course in Miracles students and it is natural to Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment – “The movie Next will show us that even those we perceive as our enemies are part of a greater plan of awakening and that we share a purpose with them The two main characters seem to be working against each other And then we see how they move beyond that to a state of forgiveness where they join in a higher goal that literally David Hoffmeister: “Everything that is meant to happen cannot be prevented and everything that is not meant to happen cannot be made to happen There is great release in that It is written The script is the past You cannot change the script You cannot have a better life in form You cannot have a worse life in form This gives you full permission to be happy The main character, Emotion/theme: Trust Doubt Purpose Mighty companions Quantum Physics Time Spiritual Awakening Experience Genre: Action Adventure David Hoffmeister: The movie Interstellar is a powerful quantum physics movie about answering the call to awaken It takes you on a mind-bender through time and space to see that ultimately it is all mind that we’ve only ever been communicating with ourselves and that Spirit will use everything that we seem to believe Yes this is about a past year but some of the best spiritual movies to ever be produced are from 2014 and we just had to share the joy with you! The whole world is waking up to the reality of our true nature David Hoffmeister and the Living Miracles Community have composed reviews mini movies clips and much more on these powerful movies on the online Movie Watcher’s Guide Experience movie watching from a new perspective with these mini reviews of David Hoffmeister’s Top 10 best spiritual movies on the online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment This blog's mini reviews: The Matrix and Sunshine of the Spotless Mind   Top 10 Best Spiritual Movies #6: Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (mini review) Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a spectacular movie about memory deletion, David Hoffmeister on Movies for Awakening: Mind is the cause of everything Being in the sleeping mind only the ego thought system the projector is active The Holy Spirit although always present in the mind is unheeded and forgotten It is like the light before it goes through the film in the projector Seeing itself as the agent of the separation the ego is filled with intolerable amounts. Emotion/theme: real Sight Discover Theme: Special Relationship Self-Concept Fear of Love Mini Review: David Hoffmeister and MWGE - This movie is about daring to accept "who" is given for opening the heart to love It is about saying yes to the spark in the heart and putting this first so that everything that does not serve true happiness can fall away Anna Scott is a famous actress who walks into William's book store while filming The experience of Awakening Spiritual Awakening Experience with David Hoffmeister: If ever the temptation seems to arise to feel guilty remember that you are forever Created by a Loving God Who knows forever the Innocence and Perfection of Your Being And in aligning with the Mind of God Innocence is all that can BE experienced There is no guilt in God and God knows not of the ego concepts of guilt and punishment And  ~ Spiritual Movies and the Awakening Process ~   “The awakening process is about watching your thoughts and watching your thoughts and watching your thoughts! Just noticing the thoughts can be used in a helpful way And you may get to the point of getting clearer and clearer in your mind.” David Hoffmeister Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment  Emotion/Theme: Guidance Loneliness Isolation

~ Top spiritual movies on the online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment blog ~   David Hoffmeister: The movie The Time Traveler’s Wife is a masterpiece at undoing specialness it is a love story that goes beyond the surface level of special romantic love toward unconditional love   David Hoffmeister: The movie Family Man is a glimpse into a spiritual awakening experience where all potentiality is revealed and Love is the only choice Jack Campbell is a wealthy autonomous fast-lane investment broker who believes he is living the high life He has no idea what he is in for when the Spirit intervenes and gives him a glimpse of an alternative relationship-focused life that requires him to develop Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment MWGE - “If you can get a glimmer of what Frequency is teaching you can save yourself what seems to be thousands and thousands of lifetimes because it is about the collapse of time The two main characters the father Frank and the son Johnny separated by death and thirty years end up joining and connecting Their life stories even seem to be changing   Question: Has awareness something to do with a state in which you feel like you would be only an "eye" to the world? No thoughts only to be a witness: peace joy and silence It is not transcendental but very simple actually Are physical "changes" part of awakening? David Hoffmeister: How wonderful to hear of your transformative experiences! The spiritual awakening signs that you are experiencing are part. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to truly grasp what Enlightenment is all about: letting go of false thoughts and beliefs and opening up to the Perspective of forgiveness The movie Revolver shows just that Read the mini review of the best spiritual movies here on MWGE blog! Emotion/Theme: Ego Purpose Pride No Ripping of Symbols Money Superiority Enlightenment Defenselessness Opening up to a spiritual awakening experience David Hoffmeister explains – The Holy Spirit is such a gentle presence He says “I know you believe in lack That’s okay We have a Course here with a workbook and mind training program to work on this thing Nothing will be taken away from you; you need to experience miracles; you need to learn to listen and follow You need. Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment, David Hoffmeister: When I was going through major shifts of turning everything in my mind from upside down to right side up it would be like the movie The Poseidon Adventure where the ship capsizes The people inside the ship are trapped and they have to make their way to the doors that are up at the top of the rooms. The deep messages in the movies Son of God and The Ten Commandments will leave you with a profound impression that will deepen your spiritual journey The online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment recommends that you give yourself quiet and spacious time to watch these two gems of Christian movies online so you can let them sink deep into your mind              Son. Jealousy in relationship ~ undoing the belief in separation   Ego thinking upholds belief in separation by seeing victimization competition bodies and all that comprises the self concept as real You identify with the body self the hero of the dream and believe that you (subject) have a separate private mind You believe that each other person (object) also has a separate mind and can cause things to happen to Question: Hi David I have been a student of for almost two years but I have been curious about one thing: Do you watch the news or read newspapers or stay in touch with the world of illusion on a daily basis? David Hoffmeister: Beloved One, Best Spiritual Movies – Po is an unlikely hero: he is a gentle-natured food and fun-loving large panda who recently realized his calling and began his Kung Fu training He has a glorious function to fulfill alongside his mighty companions but Po's mind will only be clear enough to fully play his part when he allows repressed memories from the past to arise and be forgiven Identity in. Spiritual Awakening Signs The Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment by David Hoffmeister Welcome to Meet the Fockers the ultimate people-pleasing movie! Like any big family reunion it is a goldmine of comedy and dysfunction Ben Stiller's character is intensely people-pleasing He is trying to please the parents and placate the family until finally he can't do it; it is killing him We have all experienced this We. Best spiritual movies David Hoffmeister: The movie Waking Life has a scene at the end with a deep message about time The main character Richard Linkletter says that God is always asking us “Are you ready to know who you are? Are you ready to be one with me to be one with the Universe to be one Self?” Each tick of the little hand on the clock the sleeping Emotion/theme: Forgiveness Self Concept Innocence Acceptance Mighty Companions Genre: Animation Adventure Summary: A Spiritual Awakening Experience with David Hoffmeister and the Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment The belief in attack is buried deep within the mind While an external enemy is believed in attack will continue to be witnessed in everyone and everything From small criticisms to dragon fireballs being hurled at your home it is actually. ~ A Spiritual Awakening Experience with the Movies ~ The Quantum movie X-Men: Days of Future Past illustrates a spiritual journey that involves going back in time The Purpose of the journey is to find the core grievance and let it be healed When the grievance is healed in Forgiveness all future scenarios of conflict and destruction are also healed It is not that they have been prevented. ~ David Hoffmeister from the  Top Spiritual Movies with David Hoffmeister: “I have used the movie The Matrix as a metaphor in many gatherings because it reflects all of the essential elements and symbols of Waking from the dream of the world Your mission should you decide to accept it is to Awaken immediately The Way is set You are the One The movie The Matrix is a composite of all that has been revealed David Hoffmeister Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment: The ego offers the familiar the romantic relationship We have glimpsed that there is "something more" and we want to open to it yet at a certain point the ego says "no" to leaving the personal relationship Trust allows us to open to the Holy Spirit and spiritual vision the unfamiliar We want intimacy and freedom and have looked for it. ~ Christmas Spiritual Movies ~ “Watching movies is a way of stepping back and remembering that what we see on the screen is not real In fact life itself is a big projection. What we see is not real but rather the out-picturing of our mind. Oh but it is so easy to forget that! Watching movies in purpose is a way of remembering our true self.” The countdown is over! Here are the top two best spiritual movies by David Hoffmeister Enjoy these mini reviews of spectacular forgiveness movies that we highly recommend watching from this new perspective Have the Instrument for Peace worksheets ready while you watch! Subscribers to MWGE have access to additional content such as video set-ups audio set-ups mini movies with commentary etc Top 10 Best Spiritual Movies #2: Groundhog Day (mini Short summary of SimOne: A producer's film is endangered when his star walks off so he decides to digitally create an actress to substitute for the star The digital “actress” becomes an overnight sensation that everyone thinks is a real person Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment: This movie exposes the construct of personhood the lie that masquerades as "life" in and of the body The star.

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