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One night at the Oz a Chicago told his tale of woe He’d moved to St Paul in pursuit of a wo but it hadn’t worked out The New York-style stand he’d brought with him but never opened was a hassle to haul back home And it was loaded: all stainless diamond plate Four pans instead of two (However the stand lacked city-dated sink so soon had to buy a new one.) With Keller doing much of the barking — “Don’t be a meanie buy your friend a weinie!” — eventually moved to the sidewalk in front of the Oz After two years a city license inspector offered a suggestion “I was just getting started and had no place to go and Joe (Carchedi) said ‘Go on over to Rice Park Nobody’ll ever bother you there,” said in a 1998 Pioneer Press interview It wasn’t the most obvious place to start a business but saw potential. As Minnesota blizzards blew about him George stood on folded cardboard and sold s Offering a meal with a spot of relish to the famous and the homeless he staked out downtown St Paul’s Rice Park and never left As the city’s perhaps first — and definitely most durable — push-cart vendor he even made a dime or two even in December “Guys in their tall offices see that poor guy’s freezing to death you get a few people for lunch just for sympathy He always made enough to make a living He was never going to get rich out of it,” said his adult daughter Jennifer who after school always came to the stand — the only one with a grandfathered permit to sell in. Whoa spoiler alert! The following page contains spoilers for Life is Strange: Before the d at your own discretion Note: The following page contains spoilers for Life is Strange: Before the Storm Proceed at your own discretion "Work hard mustard big." —. After a few years returned to St Paul and bought back his stand He bragged about serving s to President Bill Clinton — via the Secret Service of course And in a moment of glory he handed a to one of his idols Arnold Schwarzenegger as an extra in the movie “Jingle All the Way,” filmed in St Paul “Hey he’s not that much taller than me,” the 5-foot-4 vendor told his daughter A daily smoker ’s lungs eventually couldn’t handle the cold air A few years ago he started closing up in October In 2005 he thought hard about calling it quits He wrote a letter — never published — to his customers “The park has not been the same since they remodeled it not as y people come outside anymore,” he wrote saying would be his. “he was a really big strong guy considered a threat,” his daughter said He passed time in prison by becoming an ordained minister and getting certified in welding if ( "undefined" !== typeof googletag ) { .push( function() { y("div-gpt-ad-Cube_Article"); } ); } After writing a widely published letter saying he no longer wanted to leave the parole board again made good on what he purportedly didn’t want and let him out after 10 years He was 27 The letter had gotten him some attention: People wrote — particularly from St Paul — saying he was welcome So he came “St Paul really embraced him,” his daughter said. 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He is featured in a videogame Max and Chloe used to play during their childhood years He has become a common figure for fan art and merchandise Hawt Dawg has also been the subject of y joke theories in the community In Captain Spirit he is featured in a game called "Hawt Dawg : Mustard. ’s tolerance for the cold notwithstanding a memorial service will be scheduled for late spring The Mahn Family Funeral Home in Red Wing 602 Plum St will receive cards “We’d like to do something in Rice Park,” his daughter said Tad Vezner can be reached. “he considered that his park Rice Park was his park Ordway was a hole in the ground St Paul el was a place for homeless Landmark was just a building nobody would use and he would be there People would come all the way from Lowertown even in the winter just to get a chili ” his daughter said “He’s never gone anywhere else.” Soon after two women who happened to work for the state health department approached and offered him a hat They’d had it made for him “The ” it said in blue letters Also it was required. The letter repeatedly thanks “all the people who supported me during the cold winters and summers.” “I’ve served the rich and famous all the way to the y street people I’ve gotten to know over the years I’ve been here a really long time and I’ve loved every minute of it.” The letter concludes with the stand’s motto: “For a lucky tomorrow enjoy a today God bless you.” took his own advice “One thing we didn’t do is pack a lunch,” Keller said The summer of 2008 was ’s last season at the cart He moved to his daughter’s house in Red Wing where he died Thursday In addition to his daughter survivors include his sons Earl and Daniel and four grandchildren.

Hawt Dawg (sometimes referred to as Bob) is a recurring anthropomorphic throughout Life is Strange originally seen as a figure in the alternative timeline in Chloe's bedroom He also appears in the prequel game Before the Storm its bonus episode "Farewell" and The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Held down the spot absorbed the view and saw each customer who ordered a dollar — or even better a $2 Polish “Big One” — as a way to learn something new as he heaped on the fixings “He could be speaking to somebody that didn’t have two dimes and then the next minute talking to a millionaire Everybody was downtown; that’s what kept him down there for 30 years,” said “He loved his customers more than anybody I ever met.” who died Thursday of cardiac arrest at age 58 arrived in St Paul after the city offered a helping hand Born and raised in rural southern Iowa he served time in juvenile detention while still in high school for driving an easily identified pink Cadillac during a bank robbery Denied parole again and again he was moved to Minnesota’s Sandstone Prison after getting into a fight in the Iowa slammer. The name stuck and so did — the same hat on his head — season after season For six years he and Keller moved from apartment to apartment on the East Side and daily traveled downtown in a weathered pick-up truck to work from 6 a.m until 2:30 a.m to accommodate the last-call crowd They took one day off a week — usually Monday — to rest “He liked to be close to downtown He wanted to do 16-hour days,” his daughter said And comfort rarely came in the way of business she added: “One year he did use a concession stand but he just didn’t like it He wanted to be a street vendor He felt too enclosed … He was the core that’s for sure.” With no heat but steam fitted folded cardboard boxes under his feet to cope with the frozen sidewalk. Quickly developed contempt for vendors who stayed only on sunny days — calling them “scabbers,” with zero customer loyalty “The public knows I’m always here That’s the way to build a business,” he said in the 1988 interview “George had a motto businesswise: Take the good with the bad,” said Keller who branched off on his own when he turned 18 In the late 1980s returned to Iowa to care for an ill sister and opened a restaurant there He sold his stand to Keller who noted ’s renown “I was tired of everybody calling me George so I changed it to Joe’s when he left … They still call me George,” Keller said. Within a month of his release Oz Nightclub owner Earl Montpetit hired him After a decade of daily weightlifting — at one point he could bench 575 pounds — he was easily the downtown disco’s most monstrous bouncer In the mid-1980s he won the Minnesota Tough competition competing on flat-bed trucks with the likes of Olympic powerlifter Paul Anderson At the Oz the heft came in handy “He once picked a guy up by the throat,” said fellow vendor Joe Keller who was 12 when took him under his wing and now has six stands of his own So when bought a stand in 1979 and started selling s in the Oz’s basement people didn’t give him.

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